VSAT solutions for maritime—the new BIRDSAT KU band maritime VSAT product serie is available now. As one of the professional maritime VSAT service providers, BIRDSAT makes sure that we only provide marine VSAT products with more reliable connection, higher quality and lower cost. BIRDSAT provides marine VSAT systems to meet critical circumstance demands. The crew members are able to access the Internet and enjoy IM, blog, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, trading platforms, video conference, video calls and so on as same as onshore.

Types Of Maritime VSAT Antenna

How Does BIRDSAT Maritime VSAT Work?

The maritime satellite antenna designed by VAST satellite internet providers establishes communication with the modem through the Open AMIP protocol, receives the satellite parameters sending from the modem, and automatically calculates the theoretical azimuth, elevation, cross-level and polarization angles based on the longitude and latitude of the antenna and the position of the marine vsat systems, and then controls the antenna motors rotate to automatically lock and track the target maritime satellite. No matter how the vessel rotates, the maritime satellite antenna can always sense the angle change of the hull through the built-in inertial navigation module, and adjust the antenna attitude in real time, so that the antenna is always aligned with the direction of the satellite, thus ensuring uninterrupted signal transmission, therefore continually connection.

How Does BIRDSAT Maritime VSAT Work?

Key Features of Marine VSAT Systems

BIRDSAT is a leading provider of VSAT systems for maritime use, offering reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to vessels at sea. With global coverage, BIRDSAT ensures that ships remain connected even in remote areas and international waters. BIRDSAT's systems are designed for reliability, with stabilization technology that keeps the VSAT aligned in rough seas. They also feature advanced traffic management to prioritize critical communications. Overall, BIRDSAT provides a comprehensive communication solution for maritime vessels, meeting the diverse needs of the maritime industry.

Key Features of Marine VSAT Systems

Hot Questions of Maritime VSAT

  • Can we buy directly from BIRDSAT?

    Yes, no matter VSAT or TVRO product you are looking for, please feel free to contact sales@birdsat.cn to get the latest product specification and the offer.

  • How much does a Maritime VSAT cost?

    The price is based on whether it is standard product or be-spoke product, you can always refer to sales@birdsat.cn to get a quote! Birdsat is the best maritime VSAT providers!

  • My maritime VSAT antenna cannot lock the satellite stably, what shoud I do?

    There are several possibilities to cause the maritime VSAT antenna not lock the satellite stably. The majority possibility is the satellite signal blocked. Bad weather, other vessels, buildings nearby or some own equipment on board. Please make sure it is clear between the maritime VSAT antenna and the direction to the satellite.

    We usually have a built-in default setting of satellite signal strength threshold within the maritime VSAT antenna, when the received satellite signal is lower than the signal strength, the maritime VSAT antenna will start to do self check to clarrify if it can lock the target satellite or not. This may also cause the maritime VSAT antenna not lock the satellite stably. 

    Please refer to service@birdsat.cn to help you to re-set or close the satellite signal strength threshold in case of this reason.

BIRDSAT are here to help!

If you have any BIRDSAT VSAT product inquiry, any be-spoke product question and white label request, please feel free to contact us.


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