BIRDSAT proudly presents its latest series of reliable KU band maritime VSAT Satellite solutions. With a storied legacy of innovation, BIRDSAT is dedicated to ensuring you stay connected with quality service, even when away from shore. As the premier VSAT terminals manufacturer in China, BIRDSAT also offers white-labeled VSAT terminal equipment for satellite service operators. Choose BIRDSAT for your VSAT terminal needs and experience the excellence of a trusted provider. Contact us today for inquiries about VSAT terminal prices; we eagerly anticipate serving you.

VSAT Terminal Equipment Types from BIRDSAT

Why Choose BIRDSAT as Your VSAT Manufacturers?

  • Joint Research and Development
  • Largest Maritime Satellite Antenna Production Factory
  • Industry Leading Warranty
Joint Research and Development

BIRDSAT has joint research and development with Korean and Singapore partners with international leading technology. With more than ten years of experience in the research and development and production of maritime VSAT terminals, the products have undergone mass production and verification with competitive VSAT terminal price.

Largest Maritime Satellite Antenna Production Factory

BIRDSAT has China's largest maritime satellite antenna production factory, with an annual manufacturing capability of 10,000 maritime satellite antennas. 

Industry Leading Warranty

BIRDSAT provides industry leading warranty to customers. We provide three years of parts warranty, two years of repair labor to return the whole sets to the factory, and lifetime maintenance service.

VSAT Components

Satellite Dish: This large, round antenna receives and sends signals to satellites. It reflects signals to and from the satellite to enable communication.

BUC - The BUC (Block Up Converter) converts signals from the modem into a higher frequency range suitable for transmission to the satellite. It amplifies these signals before transmission.

LNB - LNB (Low Noise Block Converters) is located on the satellite dish. It receives signals reflected by the dish and then converts these signals to a lower frequency range suitable for processing by the modem.

Modem - It connects the VSAT terminal to the internet or a network. It takes digital data from the terminal and converts it into signals that can be sent over the satellite link. Similarly, it receives signals from the satellite and converts them back into digital data for the terminal to use.

Higher Performance of BIRDSAT VSAT FOR SALE

BIRDSAT VSAT terminal equipment has advanced satellite track and control algorithm, short initial satellite lock time, quick multi-satellite switch technology, high dynamic tracking accuracy, lower power consumption, and lower noise. The factory of VSAT terminal equipment is in the vicinity of the world second largest port, the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan. There are highly developed supporting industries surrounding us with VSAT terminal cost and price advantages.

VSAT Terminal Advantages

Global Connectivity: VSAT terminals can provide connectivity to remote locations, allowing users to communicate effectively from almost anywhere on the planet.

Cost-Effective: Despite the potentially high initial setup costs, VSAT terminals prove cost-effective over time for long-term offshore operations. Their reliability and scalability eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity, a crucial factor for offshore activities.

Reliability: VSAT systems are known for their reliability, offering stable connections even in extreme weather conditions.

Scalability: VSAT networks can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing bandwidth requirements, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Quick Deployment: VSAT terminals can be set up rapidly, facilitating their implementation in various settings.

High Speeds: VSAT systems can provide high-speed internet access, making them ideal for applications that require high bandwidth, such as video conferencing, streaming, and data transfer.

BIRDSAT are here to help!

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